About Us

Sober Monkey Café is a unique co-working / office sharing environment. While it officially started on October 5, 2015, many of the ideas and concepts have been forming for years. The 12,000 square foot building is being renovated in phases. Here is what will be in the first phase:

  • Newly renovated first floor – over 3,000 square feet.
  • Rent a couch, cubicle or quiet office
  • Conference room
  • Break area with coffee
  • Toilet rooms
  • Beautiful lobby with comfortable seating
  • High speed internet
  • Parking (extra monthly cost)
  • Storage (extra monthly cost)
  • Security System

How are we unique? Firstly, Since Sober Monkey Cafe is designed by and occupied in part by architects.we plan to be a stylish and yet practical facility. Secondly, we have a goal of providing a comfortable environment for all. We will continue to develop and evolve in an effort to become a better place for all our members.

“Please stop with the ‘Go Bananas’ comments – I don’t say ‘GO hamburger’ to people”…..monkey

The Future

Architects tend to dream and we have lots of ideas brewing (oops we meant “churning”). Want to know what the future will look like?

  • Outdoor area – yes, working on it – we already have the lime green umbrella!
  • Second floor – it’s going to be an amazing space – not sure what – but Amazing will be the first word to describe it.
  • Why did they put that green metal canopy at the front to cover the upstairs windows? We don’t know – but it’s going to be demolished one day! Hopefully sooner than later.
  • Storage – You should see our basement that opens out to the ground level with a garage door.
  • Did we really buy half of a frozen yogurt shop that went out of business? Yes.
  • Card access and security? Sure, Why not.
  • Community kitchen? Perhaps.

“RELAX – I will never allow them to stuff monkeys in the office. It’s offensive to me”…..monkey