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Sims Architects

Founder – Sober Monkey Cafe

Joel studied architecture at Clemson University and graduated in 1982. He has over 30 years of experience and is a registered architect in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York.

He is also a grandfather and had a pet monkey as a child.

“Joel really did have a pet monkey as a child – but it wasn’t me!”…..monkey

Celeritas Inc.

Celeritas is a specialized recruiting and search firm dedicated to serving the legal and professional services community. Our areas of expertise include eDiscovery, business development, marketing, litigation support, technology and cyber security.

Baulig Law


Scott Herman Mason 

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Improve and Grow

We believe strongly in shared accountability for the results of your online marketing campaigns. As part of our discovery process, we conduct due diligence on your market, competition and current website performance and use that information to develop an online marketing plan that we expect will provide sales growth with a positive return on your marketing investment. While we cannot guarantee your results, we provide you with a realistic projection of the potential impact of our proposed plan on your key performance metrics and then we monitor and report back to you on performance every month.  Here are just a few examples of the kinds of results we’ve delivered for our clients.

Flying Pig Deli

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